Spring & Fall Clean Ups

Spring Clean Ups

Spring clean ups are a very important step to ensuring you have a beautiful garden, lawn and outdoor space all year long. Our team will come in and thoroughly clean up your entire property, addressing and remedying problem areas so that you can make the most of your outdoor space. Spring clean ups help your garden and lawn get a healthy jump start to the upcoming growing season as well as cleaning your outdoor space so it looks its absolute best!

Spring clean ups are usually done late March until the end of April. Our team works quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, very thoroughly to bring your property back to life after a long winter. Spring clean ups can be tailored to your specific needs but typically include:

    Pruning, trimming and shaping shrubs/bushes
    Collecting and disposing of accumulated debris and waste
    Collaborate closely with your team members
    Cleaning all leaves on property including from hedges, bushes and shrubs
    Unwrapping and removing all burlap and stakes that protect plants
    Cultivate, edging and weeding all garden beds
    Fertilizing garden beds and turning over soil
    De-thatching lawn areas as required
    First lawn cutting of the season
    Top-dressing, over seeding, aerating, fertilizing lawn as required
    Pressure washing front entrance, walkways, driveways, garages as requested
    Sealing concrete, interlocking, and patio stones as requested

Fall Cleanups

Fall clean ups are a necessary step to getting your property ready for the winter season and making sure it stays healthy all winter long until spring arrives. Our skilled team will come in to efficiently and comprehensively clean up your outdoor space, making sure that your lawn and garden go into the winter hibernation season prepared for the snow and cold temperatures.

Fall clean ups are usually done late October until early November. Our team works very thoroughly to prepare your property for a long winter. Fall clean ups can be tailored to your specific needs but typically include:

    Cleaning all leaves from entire property
    Pruning all perennials and trimming all bushes and shrubs, which increases their chance of survival through cold Ontario winters as well as readies them for explosive growth during spring.
    Removal of all annual flowers and emptying pots and planters
    Final cultivation and edging of garden beds
    Fall aeration, which softens the ground allowing more water to penetrate and get through the soil causing less water build up and pooling
    Final cut of the lawn at an appropriate height, which ensures that it stays thick healthy and moist all winter long
    Winterization of shrubs and plants. This is especially important for young or delicate plant material and includes wrapping sensitive plant material with burlap and hilling roses to protect them from the cold.